About Us

Smart Thinking. We’re relentless about it because it’s what we know is necessary to get the results our clients want, need and deserve.

Our Smart Thinking approach is all about starting with a strategic C-Level vision for communications, regardless of traditional discipline or media channel. No longer defined or confined by increasingly irrelevant categories (e.g., advertising and PR), we can—and do— create comprehensive communications strategies and deliver the executional excellence needed to succeed in today’s increasingly personalized/mobile/digital marketplace.

A simple signature says a lot. That you believe in your mission. That you back your commitments. And that you aren’t afraid to stand for something. As an astute marketer, the overarching question is, what exactly does your brand stand for, and what is the best way to communicate that to the marketplace? Such brand-definitive questions, and answers, form the very heart of the C•Suite BrandSignature™ process

“When you know who you are, and are confident in what you do, that’s when you put your name on it.” – Patricia Courtois

Refine the strategy. Define the story. Engage the right audiences via the right channels. That’s the BrandSignature™ approach. This disciplined, proven process results in the discovery of your true, unique SignatureStory™, the foundation that helps ensure your marketing stays on message via the most appropriate channels possible.



Our “work smart” philosophy is what enables us to create campaigns, programs and promotions that work. This philosophy recognizes the need for real teamwork and understands that the best work can always be bettered by a respectful, trusted colleague who plays their position just as passionately and professionally as you play yours.

“I would rather work smart than hard, because smart work makes hard work fun.” – Anonymous

 We also believe that the values of curiosity and fun are actually two sides of the same coin. Learning something new is fun. Add to that our drive to always deliver; be true to our word; and seek out wise, inspired clients who motivate our best thinking, and you’ve got an unbeatable combination—and the very essence of C•Suite.